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FT JN1010
Hydrodynamic Spray

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In today’s living environment, multi-material fires are the norm. This is a challenge for any conventional fire extinguisher to bring down. A traditional fire extinguisher with its toxic contents doesn’t cut it. With this in mind, FIRETERMINATOR® has created FT JN1010® Hydrodynamic Spray, which can extinguish all classes of fire (A to F) in seconds. 


This plant based bio-technology is powerful to terminate any type of dwelling fires arising in residential/commercial/industrial spaces as well as for automobiles. 

Product Specifications:


  • Model: FT JN1010® Hydrodynamic Spray

  • Fire Extinguisher medium: 100% Plant-based solution

  • Packaging: BOV technology 

  • Propellent: Compressed Air

  • Operating Distance: 2 – 7 meters

  • Net/Gross weight: 600 ML /700 GMS

  • Storage Temperature: -5 to 55°C

This portable spray has diverse application with a powerful knockdown and zero burn back. It is also maintenance-free with a 10-year shelf life. 


FIRETERMINATOR® takes pride in preserving the environment at all cost. So not only is FT JN1010® Hydrodynamic Spray PFAS-free, it utilizes BOV (bag-on-valve) technology using compressed air as an environmentally friendly propellent to preserve the integrity of its green solution. This also ensures optimal spraying property (can be used in any position: 360° actuation) and complete emptying of the can, guaranteeing more value and less wastage.


FT JN1010® Hydrodynamic Spray has strong Fire Retardant & Fire proofing functionality that makes it ideal for fireproofing coating of vehicles, textiles, building materials and other combustible or flammable elements.


Our products are available locally at Shoppe & Lazada. If you are interested in buying some, here are the links:


For bulk orders or overseas enquiries, please email us at

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