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FT JN 1010

Available in 5 Ltrs / 25Ltrs / 200 Ltrs Containers


  • The FT JN1010 is a green firefighting solution which uses advanced aerodynamics to fight ‘A’, ‘B’ ‘C’ and ‘D’ fires.

  • It is an extraordinarily powerful, non-toxic and eco-friendly solution.

  • It is extremely effective on most types of fire and yet bio-degradable.

  • It is certified green and labeled ‘the environmentally preferred fire extinguisher’ by the Singapore Environment Council.

Fire Tetrahedron

Based on combustion chain reaction theory, four components are required to maintain firing:

  • Reducing agent (Fuel)

  • Oxidizing agent (Oxygen)

  • Ignition source

  • Free radical

- If any one of these components is not present, the fire cannot start.

- If any one of these components is taken from a fire it will go out.

Fire Tetrahedron

The FT Freeze JN1010 applies advanced aerodynamics technology in firefighting, which essentially puts out the fire by dealing with as many of the elements of the fire tetrahedron, namely:

  1. Takes away the ‘heat’ element of the fire by rapid cooling

  2. Displaces or removes the oxygen

  3. Separates the fuel from the oxygen in the air

  4. Converting the fuel to non-combustible molecules.

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