FT Sachet


  • Easily affordable, Eco-friendly solution – (Singapore Green Label)

  • Extremely effective - against burning Cooking Oils/Fats/ Grease fires

  • Compact - packaging in a 45ml specially formulated film sachet

  • Capable - of putting out the fires in under 3 seconds*

  • Convenient handling – as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  • Clean Tested and found to have below detectible metal content

  • Extraordinarily powerful – works in under 3 seconds

  • Bio-degradable – You can throw away the residue; wash and reuse the pan

  • Maintenance-free – with a shelf life of three years.

The Sachet
Convenient handling
Extraordinarily powerful
Eco-friendly solution
Easily affordable
Extremely effective

In every Kitchen at Homes, Restaurants, Cafeterias, Industrial and Satellite kitchens.

Also in Galleys of Aeroplanes, Ships and Yachts. Wherever there is edible oil / fats / Grease used for cooking.

How to use the SACHET

It can be used by children, elderly, physically disabled – by just anyone.


  • Step 1: Switch of the burner / Stove top.

  • Step 2: Pick up the Fire Terminator Sachet with a pair of tongs or a long handled spoon/spatula. Do not cut open.

  • Step 3: Drop it gently in to the flames from a safe distance. Do not throw.


Once the residue cools down, throw it away. 


Wash your pan with soap and water and it is good to use again.


* One 45ml Sachet can put off 1200cc / 1200ml / 1.2Litres of burning cooking oil / fats / grease

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