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FT JN316 

According to NFPA, research shows that 49% of the residential fires starts in the Kitchen. 

Most cooking medium are now sold in the supermarkets with a warning label: “Any oil will burn if overheated. Do not leave unattended while heating” 


Any cooking medium can auto-ignite when it reaches a certain temperature.  For instance:

Fire Class F.png

Some of the common causes of Kitchen fires around the world are:

  • Unattended cooking 

  • Overheating of oils and fats

  • Accumulation of grease and oils and 

  • Incorrect method of extinguishing

FT JN316 is a top-of the range, eco-friendly, portable and easy to use fire extinguishing medium for Class F/K fires (Cooking Oil/Kitchen fires). 


A specially formulated green solution, it works instantly to seal the surface of the burning oil while simultaneously cooling it down, to prevent reignition. 

  • FT JN316 comes in a 45ml sachet able to put out 1.2 liters of burning cooking oil.

  • Does not require installation.

  • Will not suffer any mechanical failure in the event of a fire.

  • Does not require charging or periodic inspection and has a shelf life of three (3) years.

This pocket-sized yet powerful firefighting technology is a great tool to have at hand in any kitchen, fried-food outlet, hawker center, food court, school cafeteria, pre-school Centre kitchen, on-board galley, etc.


As for Commercial and Industrial kitchens, Fire Codes stipulate that they must be equipped with a fire suppression system. However, engaging the entire system to put out a single fryer fire will cause serious downtime, in terms of clean-up. Not to mention risk of mechanical failure. In some instances, when the suppression system is engaged and harmful fire-fighting chemicals are discharged all over the food area, it will require inspection from relevant departments, before they are cleared to operate again. Such mishaps give rise to insurance claims, resulting in increased premiums. This causes further losses for businesses that can be easily avoided.


Having the FT JN 316 at hand and dropping it in to the specific fryer on fire, contains the fire in seconds. Once the fryer contents are cooled down, the dregs can be easily disposed of in to the garbage. 


TUV Test Report No. 7191103855-CHM14-EO declares that the burnt residue of the FT JN316 is totally green and does not contain any harmful toxins or heavy metals, according to Singapore Green Labelling Scheme Certification Guide

  • Extremely effective against Class F/K fires – oils, fats & grease

  • Green Product, Eco-friendly (Singapore Green Label certified 'environmentally preferred fire-extinguisher’) 

  • Zero Cost of Installation

  • Innovative & Affordable

  • Conveniently packaged in a 45ml sachet 

  • Extraordinarily powerful — works in seconds 

  • Non-toxic, Test Report: 7191103855-CHM14-EO

  • Bio-degradable

  • Totally Maintenance-free

  • Long Shelf life of 3 years

  • Simple and safe to use – No training required

  • Easy Clean-up and Restoration


In every Kitchen at Homes, Restaurants, Cafeterias, Industrial and Satellite kitchens.

Also in Galleys of Aeroplanes, Ships and Yachts. Wherever there is edible oil / fats / Grease used for cooking.

How to use the SACHET

It can be used by children, elderly, physically disabled – by just anyone.


  • Step 1: Switch of the burner / Stove top.

  • Step 2: Pick up the Fire Terminator Sachet with a pair of tongs or a long handled spoon/spatula. Do not cut open.

  • Step 3: Drop it gently in to the flames from a safe distance. Do not throw.


Once the residue cools down, throw it away. 


Wash your pan with soap and water and it is good to use again.


* One 45ml Sachet can put off 1200cc / 1200ml / 1.2Litres of burning cooking oil / fats / grease

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