• Easily Affordable, Extraordinarily Powerful - Puts out fires in seconds

  • Extremely effective against Class A & Class B fires

  • Convenient -  Simple and safe for use by anyone - even the elderly & wheel-chair bound

  • Compact - Packaging in a convenient 600ml specially formulated bottle

  • Clean - Eco-friendly solution

  • Non-Toxic, Bio-degradable, Maintenance-free -  with a shelf life of five years

Easily Affordable
Extraordinarily Powerful
Extremely Effective
Maintenance Free
  • Class A -  Solid materials that are organic origin [ Wood / Paper / Furniture / Textiles ]


  • Class B – All flammable & combustible liquids and solids. For e.g. Petrol, Diesel, Gasoline, Solvents, Paint, etc., and Polar Liquid Fires like Alcohol, Methanol, etc.

How to use the SLAM

It can be used by children, elderly, physically disabled – by just anyone.


  • Method 1: Throw directly

    Step 1: Pick up the Fire Terminator SLAM and hold it firmly in your hand.
    Step 2: Slam it against the wall closest to the fires, or any hard surface at the base of the fires to maximise the dispersion of the solution. The specially made bottle will shatter, dispersing the solution over the fires, putting it out in seconds.


  • Method 2: Dilute with Water
    Step 1: Take a pail with about 5 liters of water.
    Step 2: Break open the bottle and add its contents to the water.
    Step 3: Splash at the fires covering as much of the fires as possible.

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